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Grey Cross
• 7/14/2014


Okay, for those of you who don't know me, I'm Horror, an acquaintance of someone called Evan. I'm not sure if he's been on his wiki at all, but this is where I'll put my findings (if that's okay with everyone).

Where to begin...

So, Evan is possibly missing. Why possibly? Well, a friend of Evan contacted my friend Aces recently, saying that Evan has been missing for a while. But, Evan is still active on sites.

Also, I noticed something strange: I know him on three different forms of social media and the profile pic has changed to the same thing. It's none other than a black Slenderverse symbol against a white background.

So, I'm trying to find out the truth among this. If you have any findings, please post it here. Also, if you manage to come across a user known as User:Miles "tails prower1667 , tell him to talk with me as soon as possible. I want this case closed as soon as possible, before any more complications arise.

Forgot to mention, Ace is investigating as well (I think). It's complicated.


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Grey Cross
• 7/28/2014

Y0u kn0w, y0u c0uld'v3 ask3d m3 t0 h3lp... My sch3dul3 is n0t v3ry tight...

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